Russian Orloff

The Russian Orloff is currently listed as a threatened breed on the livestock conservancy's priority list. They are very hard to find. The Russian Orloff is a tall chicken with a very thickly feathered neck, yellow legs, minuscule wattles (or as we call them "muffs") and a rose comb. Some beards will display a beard as well. Russian Orloffs males will weigh about 8.5 pounds while the females will weigh 6.5 pounds.
Russian Orloff come in several colors; Red, white, and Spangled. 
The cheif distinction of the Russian Orloff chicken, besides its look, is the extreme hardiness of the breed. This breed will tolerate cold temperatures and wet weather and more often than not survive conditions other breeds could not. 
Russian Orloffs lay light brown eggs
Classified as non broody and posess a very calm temperment. 
They are a meat breed.

*We currently are not breeding Russian Orloffs due to the loss of our rooster. We will resume breeding as soon as he can be replaced. Thank you for your patience. 

Swedish Flower

The Swedish Flower is not a recognized class but is believed to have originated in Sweden. They have a single type comb and lay large tan or light brown eggs. Hens can weigh 5 pounds and Roosters weigh 6-7 pounds. They are non broody breed and are cold hardy and calm birds.

Breeding of Swedish Flowers will begin Soon.